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50's & 60's Memorabilia Auction

28 Fleur Road, Karaka
Viewing: Friday 22nd March 1.00 - 4.00pm and 8.00am days of sale

50's & 60's Memorabilia Auction

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Kempy's Museum

Located in a large shed is a step back in time. As you stroll down the recreated street located inside you will step back into an era of Rock N' Roll, Milk Bars and Bobby socks. Yes it's all there from the authentic Milk bar to the Dentists, News agents, Mechanics and the ultimate bar you'll be transported back in time.

But sadly it's now 2019 and to make way for progress it's all got to go including hundreds of die cast collectible cars, Old tools, the wonderful collections in each of the shops, the shop facades, Classic Rally car collectibles from Alan's racing days, V8 Racing memorabilia and much, much more.

For anyone with a sense of nostalgia, who wants to relive their youth or is a collector this is the Auction for you.

For further enquiries contact Tony 027 293-6411

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